Projekt on käivitunud

Projekt on saanud oma hoo sisse.

On 13/11/2019, we organized a seminar on the topic of “Seminar on Brain-Computer Interface based on movement-related Cortical Potentials for stroke rehabilitation” by Dr. Imran Niazi (Centre for Chiropractic Research, New Zealand). In this seminar there was a large audience (full room, including many participants from outside the university) who participated. Info/photos in the following links:

On 21/10/2020, we organized international EAI BodyNet 2020 conference and invited international speakers as well as Dr. MD. Helena Gapeyeva from East Tallinn Hospital. Video in the following link:
(from 1:04:18):

One 29/05/2020, an interview was publisehd in “Research in Estonia”. In this interview, a physiotherapist from West Tallinn Central hospital gave wider examples related to our project –

2021: we obtained the required ethics approval for conducting the the trials